Project Unite Enhances Customer Experience


AMAG Technology’s Customer Relationship Team: Stephanie Kovacs, Claudia Gualotuna, Ronnie Relosa, Darlene Mitchell (front), Pamela Taylor (back), and Yalanda Thomas.

To improve customer service and provide a better experience for all AMAG Technology customers around the world, the Torrance, California customer service department launched Project Unite.

During Phase One, completed this year, all Torrance based customer service representatives have been cross trained to handle all aspects of customer service for our US customers: customer calls, return merchandise authorizations, new orders and status inquiries.  In the past, individual customer service representatives handled specific job duties. Separation of duties has been eliminated, creating a more cohesive team and positive customer experience.

The Torrance team members are now known as Customer Relationship Representatives (CRR), with Claudia Gualotuña leading the team as Customer Relationship Manager-US.

“With our business continuing to grow, I wanted to ensure we focus on our customers’ needs and continue to build a positive relationship with our customers,” said Claudia. “I’m excited to unite the customer service and RMA group to help enhance the experience for our customers!”

The next phase of Project Unite, to be rolled out in 2017, will include Alison Foote, Customer Relationship Manager-UK, and the Tewkesbury, UK customer service department. The focus will be the unification of the Torrance and Tewkesbury teams.  When complete, Project Unite will ensure either team has the tools to provide an exceptional customer experience, regardless of the customer’s geographic location.


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