A Day of Service and Reflection

By: Ryan Kaltenbaugh, Vice President, Government Solutions at AMAG Technology

untitledAs AMAG starts our week on Sunday, September 11th with our FOCUS event kicking off at ASIS International in Orlando, Florida, we deeply reflect on that day 15 years ago.

For me it was an early and chilly morning near the beach in Huntington Beach, California when I first heard of the events in New York.  Like many of you, I distinctively remember watching the second plane hit the tower – an image that will live with all of us.

The people of New York and organizations around the US stepped up and helped those in need that day and for weeks and months after 9-11.

This event changed my life in early 2002. I was quickly recruited to leave California where I was working in the fire protection market to move to Virginia to start my career in security.

Days after 9-11, I immediately joined the American Red Cross in California as a Public Information Officer where I took that role to Virginia. Today, I continue to volunteer my time. This has taken me all over the US to our largest disasters since 9-11; Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, fires, tornadoes and more.  I’ve seen firsthand how important volunteering is and the impact it has on those who need you the most.

The security industry is full of great people – ethical, patriotic and passionate.  While our work is important, service to our country and our communities is nearly as critical in our life path.

If you are not already, I encourage you – volunteer.  Volunteer your time, your skills, your wallet to a non-profit organization you are passionate about.  Our country is strong because of our people. Make a difference today.

For a great site to get started, go to www.VolunteerMatch.org to find an opportunity near you.




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