Exceeding Customer Expectations and Teamwork Wins Retrofit Upgrade

IMG_2663What do you get when you learn your access control system has reached end of life and your security manufacturer doesn’t return your calls?  One ticked off customer.

That’s how the University of Nevada – Reno, Housing Security Director, Charles Stricker felt when he finally learned he was going to be forced down an expensive upgrade path if he stayed with his current manufacturer.   Stricker did his homework, and when he learned about AMAG’s Symmetry SR Retrofit solution, he took action and never looked back.

“After being ignored for a year, I finally learned my upgrade options and it was bad,” said Stricker.  “A year later, I met with AMAG.  My current manufacturer reacted poorly and AMAG answered my questions and got me pricing.”

Stricker got creative and became a beta tester for AMAG.  This way he could try out the system before committing and decide for himself if the upgrade was going to be as easy as AMAG said it was and if it would be affordable.

The result? They rolled out the first building in four hours.  The upgrade process was easy. They used the system for a year.  It worked well.

Casi, Symmetry, www.amag.com

University of Nevada – Reno, Housing Security Director, Charles Stricker selected AMAG’s Symmetry SR Retrofit system to replace its legacy access control system.

UNR’s long-time integrator, RFI Communications & Security Systems, worked closely with Stricker and the Housing Department and AMAG to develop a roll-out plan, and they started converting the remaining dormitories.

“The Symmetry SR Retrofit system saved us SO MUCH money,” said Stricker.

The Symmetry SR Retrofit system used UNR’s existing wiring, readers and cards, saving them tens of thousands of dollars in labor and upgrade costs.  The installation was quick, taking literally minutes to swap out an old board and replace with an SR Micro5 panel .

Both the Housing Department and Main Campus migrated to the Symmetry SR Retrofit solution,   installing two separate systems.

To improve system efficiency, AMAG Professional Services wrote custom integration scripts for each of the systems.  For the Housing Department, Symmetry integrated with Odessey HMS.  Changes made in Odessey, such as room changes or deletions, automatically filtered to Symmetry, creating a safer environment for student.

For the Main Campus, Symmetry integrated with Blackboard Learning Management System.  If a student was added or deleted in Blackboard, the changes were routed to Symmetry, so the security management system was always up to date.

“We’ve been up and running since November 2015, and Symmetry saved us $3-5 million in infrastructure costs along with way,” said Stricker.  “This is the smartest upgrade solution I’ve ever seen.”


By AMAG Technology, Public Relations Manager, Kim Rahfaldt



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