Optimize Symmetry to Improve Security

Cyrus Nelson

Cyrus Nelson is the Director of Professional Services for AMAG Technology.

By AMAG Technology, Director of Professional Services, Cyrus Nelson

The number of options available within the Symmetry security system is vast and can be overwhelming to any organization.  Whether the organization has been using Symmetry for decades, or if they are a new Symmetry user, every organization wants to ensure they are getting the most out of their security system budget and working as effectively as they can.  While there are very few “wrong” ways to use Symmetry, there are certainly best practices.  Symmetry Professional Services can assist your organization with finding the most cost-effective and efficient way to use Symmetry in any environment.

By conducting a System Assessment that includes access control hardware, server, client, as well as an operational look at the Symmetry system installed, Professional Services can compare usage with other customers of the same size and with similar operation requirements.  Our team can assist with finding shortcuts and new uses for existing tools, point out features that operators may have overlooked, and can assist with creating your organizational templates for doing day to day tasks.  By ensuring that your team is getting the most out of Symmetry, your team can stay under budget and be ready to expect the unexpected.

To schedule your system assessment, contact Symmetry Professional Services today at proservices@amag.com.


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