Simplified Pricing Means Working with Professional Services Just Got Easier

Focus: Flat File Import and Active Directory Sync

AMAG’s Professional Services team helps organizations leverage their Symmetry Security Management System to its fullest potential.  To simplify the process, a partial list of Professional Services offerings has been included in the June 1 price list.  Users can reference the price list and order a Professional Service as you would order any Symmetry product.

Highlighted here are two Professional Services offerings you will find in the price list.

Flat File Import

Many companies choose to integrate a third party system, such as an HR database, student record database, or healthcare database with Symmetry.  Professional Services can create a configuration to give users the ability to manage all or some cardholders through a third party system and have the changes sync into Symmetry.  By automatically creating, modifying and inactivating cardholders, security can be enhanced and administration time saved.  Access Rights may also be imported.

The custom application will generate test cases during the development and acceptance of the solution.  Upon successful completion of the test cases, the application will be deployed.

Active Directory Sync

Enterprise customers who prefer to manage all or some cardholders through Active Directory, can have Professional Services install and configure Active Directory Cardholder Sync.  Enhance security and save time by automatically creating, modifying and inactivating cardholders.

A planning meeting well in advance of deployment determines the versions of Active Directory and Symmetry and outlines what is needed to complete the configuration and installation.

Professional Services will remotely deploy the Active Directory sync tools, fully configure and test.  The integration requires DATA CONNECT or Symmetry Enterprise v7.0.1 or higher to complete.

Flat file import and Active Directory Sync services are included in the June 1 price list, which you will find on the AMAG partner site.  Additional services will require a separate quote.

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