The Customer Experience is the Universal Truth

By AMAG Technology, Senior Vice President of Sales, Kurt Takahashi

Kurt Takahashi_photoWhat I find most important is the Experience.   What is the Experience you are going to offer your customer?  Relationships are built on shared experiences.  They take time to develop.  You work hard to build great relationships and create a positive Experience.

End users have many security needs: access control, video, audio, meeting compliance, managing visitors, incident management, protecting critical assets, etc.  You can work hard to create a great Experience, but how do you ensure the outcome of an experience when you can only control a small piece of your customer’s overall needs?

There are silos of disciplines:

  • Consultant to the End User
  • Integrator to the End User
  • Technology manufacturer and the End User
  • Operations team and the End User

All four components combined help the customer reach their security goal, but each group tends to work in silos.  How often have we said to ourselves, “Wow!  I didn’t know that about them?  I couldn’t see that from their perspective.”

We all have an important role to play in the outcome for the customer. Breaking down barriers and implementing cross collaboration will improve a customer’s Experience.

We have an event each year that pulls together these disciplines to learn about how to work closer together with the customer Experience in mind.  We invite end users, resellers, consultants and manufacturers that integrate with our Symmetry system and discuss security issues, operational challenges and trends.  AMAG’s Security Engineering Symposium provides a venue to see things from each other’s perspective, and it’s amazing how much you learn when you listen to another’s point of view.

Some feedback from our recent SES:

 The entire weekend was very well planned and delivered tremendous content and value.

I had a great time this year. The format of your SES makes it easy and enjoyable to collaborate and I learned a lot.  So glad to be invited.

Of all the symposiums I’ve been too, this was by far the best and most useful, I am so glad I came and will be back next year.

Our SES offers small sessions that encourage discussion.  These discussions provide the avenue to breaking down barriers and eliminating the silos.  They help each group understand the other’s needs, and pave the way to work together to deliver the best customer Experience.

Cross collaboration is imperative to eliminating silos and providing the customer with the best overall Experience.  If the customer is happy on all fronts, only good things can happen: project expansion, referrals, more business for you…and best of all…you have created a true partnership.


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