Is Managing Visitors in your Lobby your First Line of Defense?

By AMAG Technology, President, Matt Barnette

Matt Barnete_Casual_Jacket_06-16-14An organization can have the best security system money can buy to control access and manage situational awareness, but a big threat often overlooked is managing visitors. Visitors, and contractors for that matter, are the least vetted people that enter your business every day.  How do you know who is entering your building?  Most users would probably say they don’t.  They don’t know because you cannot vet your visitor.

A SaaS visitor management system, such as our new Symmetry GUEST Visitor Management System, can improve your building or site security as well as improve a visitor’s experience with your organization.  Employees should pre-register every guest, so the security or the reception team knows who is coming ahead of time, and the host employee can send them a welcome email in advance of their visit. Once onsite, Symmetry GUEST could also require visitors to sign in, read and acknowledge your company’s policies and site procedures.

Do you have guests that cause you concern?  Ex-employees or disgruntled spouses, for example?  Keeping track of visitors is extremely difficult.  In Symmetry GUEST, you can create a watch list that notifies security staff and management when banned visitors have been pre-registered and when they check-in.  The watch list can signal a security team to be on high alert or you can post extra security in areas where the visitor is expected.

Knowing who is coming to your building and when they arrive provides a safer, more secure environment for your biggest asset; your employees.

Integrating Symmetry GUEST with Symmetry Access Control delivers the most secure solution available.  With your lobby as your first line of defense, checked-in guests will be approved by their host employee and given access to only the areas needed.

And if you need to meet audit and compliance requirements, GUEST can help you meet those requirements through its robust reporting features.

Other benefits include saving money on lobby headcount, eliminating visitor related paperwork and foregoing manual badge creation.  Visitors use self-service touch-screens to check-in.  A visitor pass can be sent directly to the visitor’s phone via QR code or barcode, like a boarding pass.  And if a visitor feels more comfortable with a paper pass, they can print their visitor pass automatically.

I invite you to try Symmetry GUEST for free for 30 days.  You can install it in less than 30 minutes and start seeing improved results immediately.  Sign up for a FREE TRIAL here.

Got feedback?  I would love to hear from you.  Email me at or stop by our ISC West booth 14099 this week.


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