Improve your Company’s First Impression with Symmetry™ GUEST

SymmetryGUESTYou know that slight anxiety you feel when you visit a new place?  You’re excited or nervous just because you’ve never been there before.  Or even if you have been there before, and it’s a large building, it can be overwhelming.  You can feel a bit lost or uncertain.

Now put yourself in your customer’s shoes.  How do they feel when they visit your company?  Do they feel welcome?  Do they feel nervous?  Is parking a hassle? Is your lobby large and crowded?  Is your receptionist friendly?

What if there was a tool that could help make your customers feel more welcome?

Symmetry GUEST does just that.  Symmetry GUEST improves a visitor’s experience and makes them feel welcome regardless of the size of your company or lobby.

Empower your Employees

With Symmetry GUEST, employees who are expecting a visitor can pre-register them.  A pre-registered visitor receives a welcome email that can include a map or directions, or building instructions to put your visitor’s mind at ease.  Share information about parking or business hours, nearby hotels or restaurants.  A personal email can do wonders in improving a visitor’s experience.

“GUEST provides employees authority to register and welcome their visitor and business partners via email and text,” said AMAG Technology, VP of Client Services, Jeff LeBlanc.   “It enhances building safety and improves the overall visitor experience.”

When a visitor arrives, they can check-in at a self-service touch screen and receive a visitor pass on their phone via a QR code or barcode.  If they would prefer, they can check-in and print their own visitor pass.

A single email can put your visitor or business partner at ease, make them feel welcome and make a great first impression of your company.

Learn more about how you can improve your company’s first impression with Symmetry GUEST when you visit



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