Thanks for Supporting AMAG

By AMAG Technology, Chief Operating Officer, Howard JohnsonHowardJohnson_small

It has been an exciting year at AMAG Technology.  We’ve had tremendous growth and have brought on many new faces to better support you.  These changes have also provided our customers with enhanced service offerings and new products.

We successfully launched three brand new products this year:  Symmetry CompleteView Video Management System (VMS), Symmetry EN-1DBC+ Edge Network Door Controller and Symmetry CONNECT™.

You, our customers, have embraced our new Symmetry CompleteView VMS and have taken advantage of the benefits of the powerful video product with the friendly and affordable licensing structure.  When coupled with Symmetry access control, it’s the best system available today.

The Symmetry EN-1DBC+ single door controller offers advanced functionality, reliability and cost effectiveness in the deployment of a Symmetry access control system.  Utilizing Power over Ethernet+, it secures one door, but can easily expand to two doors with the addition of a low-cost snap-on module.

Symmetry CONNECT has been well received in the marketplace and has met a variety of our customer’s needs.  Our policy based, identity management platform that streamlines a company’s operations while automating policies and meeting compliance requirements make it a powerful tool and a game changer for our customers.

We continue to see success with our Symmetry SR Controller range and F2F readers.  Many large customers have selected our SR product as an upgrade path for the legacy Casi Rusco product and have found the pluggable backplane architecture a fast and easy solution.

We also continue to expand our Symmetry Preferred Partner Program to provide integrations to technologies our customers want.  For example, a new integration with INEX/ZAMIR’s IZServer Automatic License Plate Recognition software allows users to utilize vehicle license plates to grant or deny access. Using the license plate as the credential requires no interaction from the driver, virtually eliminating wait times and bottlenecks caused by the requirement to stop and show or swipe a card.  We will continue to bring new and innovative technology integrations to the market.

I know you can choose to give your business to any company, and I truly appreciate you choosing AMAG. You are what makes AMAG a successful company, and I am looking forward to working with you in 2016 when we will be launching even more exciting new products.  If there is anything I can do to help you, please contact me at  Happy Holidays!


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