How Strong Partnerships Benefit End Users

By AMAG Technology, Public Relations Manager, Kim Rahfaldtshutterstock_46568905

You see it all the time.  Company X and company Y have forged an agreement, formed a partnership, or entered into a strategic alliance.  That sounds great, but what does it really mean? What kind of partnership is it?  Are both companies committed to the partnership?  There are many types of technology partnerships in this industry, but the strong, committed, enhanced partnerships, where both companies are vested in each other’s success are the ones to pay attention to.  They are the partnerships that will benefit end users in the long run.

Customers can get the best technology, for example, an access control and video management system, from two companies that have a vested interest in each other’s well-being and financial success.  End users will more strongly consider selecting an integrated access control and video management system from two companies who are committed to one another in the long run because they know they will get the support they need from both.

Advanced partnerships offer customers the best solutions, faster.  Since both companies are heavily vested in the partnership, technology updates are done in tandem to ensure joint customers seamless upgrades.  It also offers customers the best of both worlds.

Deep partnerships provide more choices for customers.  For example, a strong video system operates and integrates with many camera manufacturers giving end users many choices.  End users can select what type of camera fits their needs (analog, HD, fixed, PTZ, dome, bullet, etc.) and at a price point that fits their budget.

Each company employs its own subject matter experts and can rely on that expertise to support customers and sell more integrated systems.  Sales teams can team up and participate in joint sales calls, demonstrating the working partnership and united front.  End users feel like they are getting two experts for the price of one when a joint team demonstrates the integrated solution.  Having a direct relationship with people from both companies provides a point of contact for questions, makes the customer feel good, and puts the companies in a good light with the end user.

Joint partnerships free up each company’s engineering resources to focus on what they do well. This is good for everyone – especially the end user.  Engineering can focus on feature sets or new products that will benefit a wide range of end users. In the end, a better overall solution is provided, making for happier customers.

With a strong partnership, the integration between each system is properly maintained and re-qualified as software updates are released overtime from either side.  Deepened partnerships, where there is communication, engineering discussions and joint selling occurring, highly benefit customers.  They see a united front from two vested interests that care about the integration and the customer.  It’s a win-win-win.




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