In the Boardroom with Matt Barnette

Matt Barnete_Casual_Jacket_06-16-14AMAG Technology, President, Matt Barnette recently was interviewed by about the exciting year AMAG has experienced.  AMAG released several new products, renamed the G4S Technology offices to AMAG Technology, and launched a new logo and website which unite the G4S companies. Thank you for joining us again today, Matt! Please tell us what’s new at AMAG. 

Matt Barnette:  Thank you for having me. It’s been a year full of exciting adventures.  First we launched our new video product, Symmetry CompleteView, to bring our customers a superior video management product line, and now we’ve introduced Symmetry CONNECT™, our policy-based identity, access management and visitor management cloud-based software solution.

Symmetry CompleteView Video Management System is built on an open architecture to provide unlimited scalability for customers of any size  and need.  The feature-rich VMS offers an easy to use platform where tasks are completed in fewer than three clicks of the mouse.  Customers can use interactive maps to manage their system.  The Symmetry PowerProtect NVR Server platforms support analog and IP technologies and systems ranging from a few doors to an enterprise system.  Security personnel can view their VMS remotely using Symmetry Touchview Mobile Apps. Using an iPhone® or Android™ smartphone, iPad®, or iPod® touch, users can keep an eye on their facility from anywhere.  CompleteView’s Dynamic Resolution Scaling automatically sizes the video for live viewing, delivering a high quality image and reducing network usage.

But what I am really excited about is our new Symmetry CONNECT software. Symmetry CONNECT manages a companies’ operational needs. It automates how organizations can manage visitors, employees and contractors.  By automating processes, a company reduces manual errors and implements sustainable policies to operate more efficiently.  Organizations can be certain the right people have access to the right areas at the right times.

Read the complete interview here.


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