5 Surprising Reasons You Need to Visit AMAG at ASIS this Year

By Public Relations Manager, Kim Rahfaldt

ASIS 2015 is about to commence, and whether you love the gathering of the industry’s best companies and products or hate the grind of walking the crowded show floor, it’s time to put on your comfortable shoes and see what’s new!  What better way to see new products, network with peers, meet new people and enjoy sunny Anaheim, California?

Many of you will have traveled a long way to attend ASIS.  Take advantage of every moment and make sure you make a stop at the AMAG booth, #2111 along the way! We have 5 surprising reasons why you must visit!

  1. Our hardware sets us apart!  Our new Symmetry EN-1DBC+ is a powerful edge door controller that uses Power over Ethernet technology and contains all of the distributed intelligence and advanced features of any Symmetry access control system. The best part is it can expand to support two doors through the addition of a reader module.

2. Get your questions answered.  Ever wonder why Symmetry includes more product features in its standard software suite than our competitors?  Stop by and ask!  See why end users all over the globe choose Symmetry with its built in visitor management, identity management, plus a whole lot more.

3. Did you know AMAG offers a video management system?  We’ve partnered with Salient Systems to offer the BEST video management system, Symmetry CompleteView VMS 4.5 with a full line of Symmetry PowerProtect NVRs for ANY video need.  Check it out.

4. Using the legacy Casi product? Need an unusual integration? How about an upgrade?  Talk to us.  You’ll be surprised how we may be able to meet your needs.

5. I saved the best for last! The most surprising reason you must stop at the AMAG booth is to see our BRAND NEW Symmetry CONNECT policy-based software platform.  Symmetry CONNECT helps large organizations mitigate risk, increase overall safety and reduce operating costs.  Automate manual processes, build sustainable policies, eliminating errors and labor intensive tracking!  Users can be up and running the SAME DAY. You won’t want to miss this product – stop by for a demo!

Get the most out of your ASIS experience by learning what sets AMAG and our Symmetry Security Management system apart from our competitors.  I’ve only listed five things here, but there is much more!  See you on the show floor!  AMAG booth, #2111


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