Why Integrators Need to Attend ASIS

By AMAG Technology, Public Relations Manager, Kim Rahfaldt

With the rapid pace of technology advancements, integration capabilities and the IT networking knowledge needed to understand a security system today, integrators benefit from attending end user focused shows like ASIS.  

End users face challenges beyond physical security.  They need to save money and meet compliance along with mitigating risk.  Understanding cyber threats and integrating technologies to better streamline business processes and align company goals are things integrators need to understand and care about so they can help their customers make sense of everything.

Attending the same educational sessions that end users attend will help integrators understand what keeps their clients up at night, positioning them to help solve those challenges.  The more a security system integrator understands his client’s whole business and can provide solutions, the more end users will come to rely on integrators as “subject matter experts.”  Being an SME enhances the relationship between provider and customers.  Integrators will notice a shift in how their customer’s view them and with a lot of hard work, patience and listening by the integrator, end users will begin viewing them as a trusted advisor and not just a vendor.  The result will establish a long term relationship with growth and business opportunities as the customer’s needs grow and change.

Check out Security Systems News’ Spencer Ives’ article about this topic.   He explains how understanding emerging issues such as cybersecurity will help integrators learn best practices and to mitigate risks.  

Integrators can also see the latest and greatest technology first-hand.  They can learn about integrations and pop by both vendor’s booths.  They can use that time to network with other integrators and talk with end users to learn what technologies they are thinking about implementing down the road.  They can have lengthy conversations with manufacturers to see what technologies are available and what’s up ahead.   

The information gleaned at ASIS can positively affect an integrator’s business.  Networking with peers, meeting end users, and getting live demonstrations of new technologies can directly impact an integrators growth and enhance long term sustainable business.

So what are you waiting for?  Book that hotel room and we’ll see you at ASIS!  Be sure to visit AMAG at booth #2111 to see our new Symmetry CONNECT policy-based platform, Symmetry CompleteView 4.5 VMS and Symmetry EN-1DBC+.


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