New Senior Vice President Shares His Vision in Helping You Be Successful

By AMAG Technology, Senior Vice President, Kurt Takahashi

Kurt Takahashi_photoIn my new role as Senior Vice President, I’ve been challenging ourselves on how we help you, our valued customer, understand the WHY.  AMAG offers a diverse range of powerful enterprise solutions, known as Symmetry Security Management, packed with features to satisfy any requirement.  I was blown away by our Symmetry product line and its powerful feature set.  But I’ve questioned, do our customers understand WHY they need  us?  Security is more than managing devices.  Understanding WHY will lead to better decisions, better user experience and a better return on the long term investment.

Symmetry Security Management provides a look at the entire picture of what companies are striving for.  It answers the call to effectively mitigate risk, control cost and ensure compliance.  While Symmetry Access Control and Symmetry CompleteView Video Surveillance protects your buildings and people, Symmetry CONNECT focuses on the operational needs of the customer.  The WHY do you need it.  Most organizations are making decisions about security to help adhere to increasing compliance requirements or to mitigate risk.  How you use these physical systems is the great challenge to meeting these objectives.  Most organizations historically have multiple people, manual disjointed processes and rigorous training programs to keep on track and in sync with both internal and external policies and procedures.  This can be a very difficult proposition when you have multiple facilities, thousands of employees, contractors and visitors, growing audit requirements and changing policies and procedures.

Symmetry CONNECT

Symmetry Security Management is a single view approach to your security roadmap.  Our goal is to keep organizations operationally sound, and not relying on third party integrations and additional operational overlays.  A single platform to provide you situational awareness by seamlessly integrating our enterprise access control, intrusion detection and CompleteView video surveillance solutions while providing a workflow engine to help automate the command and control of your events.  Then apply Symmetry CONNECT to help automate the management of the various types of employees, contractors and visitors by providing an automated way to streamline the management of on boarding, change request, off boarding, recertification of access and audits (PCI, SOX, HIPAA).  This ensures the right people have the right access to the right places with the security of knowing that all policies and procedures are done properly each and every time. It gives you the ability to not only enforce company policy, but also allows you to prove your level of enforcement all in a single place and in an automated way, removing those manual processes that take up so much of your team’s time.

During my 20 years in the industry, I’ve spent the majority of my career as an integrator with the last five on the enterprise software side (PSIM and PIAM) and now with AMAG Technology bringing together my experience from both enterprise systems and complex innovative software.  One of the most common concerns I have heard from end users is, who can help me understand what to do with the system once it’s installed and how to operationalize it?  I’ve been part of innovative technology and have seen a siloed approach to solutions. As I have spent my first few months traveling to visit our partners and end user clients, it’s exciting to see the response to AMAG’s Symmetry Security Management vision.  The challenge to continue down a siloed approach is becoming more difficult to manage and the operational challenges are only increasing.  As we look at WHY companies need these solutions more than WHAT keeps them awake at night, it helps us define a more clear path forward to continue to develop our solutions to solve these big business challenges.

If I haven’t already, I look forward to meeting all of you.  I invite you to stop by our booth 2111 at ASIS and introduce yourself. You can reach me at  


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