How New Products Help You Grow Your Integrator Business

Matt Barnete_Casual_Jacket_06-16-14By AMAG Technology, President, Matt Barnette

AMAG pushed out of the gates at full speed this year with our Salient Systems announcement. For those of you who haven’t heard, we have strengthened our partnership with video solution manufacturer, Salient Systems and now offer as part of our product offering, Symmetry CompleteView Video Management, Symmetry PowerProtect NVR series and Symmetry TouchView Mobile apps. What does this mean for you?

Simplicity!  By offering a world-class video solution that tightly integrates with Symmetry, you can offer your customers a powerful, feature-rich video management system along with the Symmetry access control system.  There is cost-saving from not having duplicate licensing and there is a single-source for purchasing and support… AMAG.

You increase your customer base.  Symmetry CompleteView allows you to have a broader reach in the market place.  For those customers who just want video, AMAG now has a solution.  For those customers who need both access control and video, you meet their needs with an exceptional solution.  And for those customers who have Symmetry access control and need to add video, Symmetry CompleteView is your answer.  You gain more customers because you have more to offer.

Customer demands and concerns grow exponentially every day.  Our new Symmetry CONNECT policy-based platform offers customers an effective solution for managing risk, meeting compliance and reducing costs. What does this mean for you?

You expand your solution offering and grow your customer base and increase your RMR.  Symmetry CONNECT is available as a subscription model, providing a valuable recurring monthly revenue opportunity.  You can offer a powerful product to help your customers automate their security processes, meet complex compliance standards and minimize risk.  The subscription based model lets you provide a low-cost solution to the end user,while you benefit from the RMR.  It’s a perfect way to add value to your customer’s security deployment, obtain new customers and grow your business.

At AMAG, we are always looking for ways to help our integrators and consultants grow their businesses and work to provide quality products and services that help end users solve their security challenges.  Our two new product offerings, Symmetry CompleteView VMS and Symmetry CONNECT do just that.

I invite you to stop by our booth 2111 at ASIS, September 28-October 1 in Anaheim to see Symmetry CompleteView VMS and Symmetry CONNECT.  As always, please feel free to reach out to me to share your opinions.  You can email me at


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