AMAG Professional Services Helps NJIT Save Time and Money

When a customer invests in a Symmetry Security Management NJIT Honors 9System, they must leverage its features and capabilities to the fullest extent.  AMAG’s Professional Services department makes sure of that.  Take long time customer New Jersey Institute of Technology, located in Newark, New Jersey with a student population of more than 10,000.  They recently upgraded to Symmetry access control with Symmetry VMS and Encoders.  Every student is issued an access card that is used to enter exterior buildings.  While the buildings are open during the day (but a card swipe is required with a valid facility code), in the evenings, NJIT switches their Symmetry SMS from Facility Code Mode to Secure Access Mode.  In Secure Access Mode, only students with authorized access are allowed into the buildings and rooms they are approved to enter.

With a revolving student population of 10,000, this results in managing 20,000 access privileges and removing 13,000 of those per semester. Managing this volume of changes was difficult until NJIT enlisted AMAG’s Professional Services Department to create a custom middleware overlay. The middleware solution allowed the Symmetry database to sync up with the Banner Student information system NJIT uses to manage student enrollment and class schedules.  When the two systems synchronize, an accurate list of students who need access privileges is shared with Symmetry.  This allows NJIT to easily update badges with accurate access privileges for students on a semester basis, saving hours of time.

“We can now feed our Banner student list into the custom middleware solution created by AMAG’s Professional Services Department.  It’s the brains of our system, and allows us to quickly update all students’ access privileges.  I don’t know what we’d do without it!” said NJIT Director of Security Systems, Rob Gjini.

“We are happy to support such a great customer like NJIT and offer a time-and money-saving alternative for them to use their Symmetry system to its fullest potential, which is always the goal of our department,” said AMAG Technology Director of Professional Services, Cyrus Nelson.

NJIT is now utilizing its Symmetry Security Management System to the fullest and saving countless hours of administrative work every semester.


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