Application Engineers to Take Active Role to Support Customers from Beginning to End on Projects

Change is good. Change is constant.  Change makes the world a better place.

Change is what is happening at AMAG, and it’s good, constant and definitely for the better.

Shahar Ze’evi is part of that change.  In his new role as Vice President of Application Engineering, his number one objective is to develop his team of Application Sales Engineers into Sales Project Managers who can take a customer from “cradle to satisfaction.”   AMAG’s Application Engineers have a wealth of experience and product knowledge, and instead of providing only presales support, the goal will be to support the customer from the beginning to the end of a project to make sure all requirements are met.  Once the customer is satisfied, then they will transition the customer into the next phase of the sales process.


As Sales Project Managers, they will utilize any and all resources as necessary.

Design:  For each customer, the Application Engineer will design a process to ensure success.  If a customer requires Professional Services, a subject matter expert, third party integrations, a custom solution or a straight up Symmetry system, the Application Engineer will bring all resources to the table and present ONE AMAG approach to the customer.

Promise: AMAG’s promise is to support the customer from beginning to end.  Once the customer and project are ready, they will move to the next phase of the sales cycle.  And when the hand off occurs, all resources will be knowledgeable about the customer’s installation.  The Application Engineers will make sure Symmetry is working the way the customer wants it to, and the details will be communicated through internal processes so that anyone who assists the customer will understand the details of the installation.

“We must do more with what we have and deliver on our promises,” said Vice President of Application Engineering, Shahar Ze’evi.  “My Application Engineers are a solutions focused group who represent the customer.  We will do everything we can – pull in subject matter experts, Professional Services, the sales team – to deliver the right products and services through to completion of the installation to ensure customer satisfaction.”

Who Benefits?

The new AMAG Approach of using Application Engineers as Sales Project Managers will provide the customer with more support.  The customer will have one point of contact, and all AMAG resources necessary to ensure he gets the proper products and services required.  The Application Engineers strengthen their relationship with the customer and become subject matter experts through the download of knowledge they will glean as they work closely with customers. The sales team benefits knowing their customer is in good hands.

By spanning activity across the pre and post sale process, the customer wins.  The Application Engineers win.  The sales team wins.

Change…is a good thing for everyone.

To learn more, contact Vice President Application Engineering, Shahar Ze’evi at   To see who your AE is, click here!


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