Remove All Doubt When Selecting a Security Management System

By NTACT GROUP, Managing Partner, Jeff Wiebell

The security systems market is competitive. Buyers are moreVIVVD intelligent. Systems are constantly evolving. Designers and engineers are requiring additional systems integration. How do you know if the solution you are buying will fit your vision? Or perform as it was sold? Or integrate with other systems?

“When you begin with certainty, you end up with doubt. When you begin with doubt you end up with certainty.”

NTACT Group believes VIVVID is a solid process -Visualize, Ideate, Verify return on efficiency, Verify return on investment, Integration effect and Due diligence. It removes all doubt and delivers certainty.

This simple, yet powerful process, eliminates selling and emotion. When the client’s vision of the overall system function is fully developed, all doubt will be removed and the best supplier system choice will emerge from the process.

The VIVVID process begins with creating a full vision. Take extra time to explore exactly what the client visualizes as the end systems operation. Facilitate multiple Ideation sessions with trusted internal and external teams that will assist in scoring the various options. Calculate a corporate return on efficiency and investment, a critical part of the process because it justifies the expense. Evaluate every corporate system that if integrated, would create added value and funding to the project. Go to market with the end result vision, an idea of savings from efficiency and the investment and integration savings.

The best designed systems will always have undeveloped scope. Go to the market place with a third party management firm or consultant to manage all the demonstrations, meetings and discussions. This is important because it truly eliminates pain associated with change and relationship the buyers may have with the existing system company or the multiple vendor’s efforts. No rock unturned. Listen to every company large and small, the most obvious and those unknown. Share the same vision with every provider, ask for a full online demonstration and presentation, talk to three referrals (in detail) and ask for a proposal with a firm due date. Create a detailed grading sheet and grade each system manufacturer.

Choose the top three scored providers and ask for best and final price and ownership of all TBD (to be developed) parts of the scope. No 3rd parties should be responsible for a system code or part.

Start with Doubt. End with Certainty. The frontend process is a bit longer, but it eliminates wishful providers, offers the selection team knowledge and more importantly creates additional funding and support by including corporate leaders in the process. VIVVID will deliver the correct solution, quicker at a lower lifetime cost including a validated systems integration path.

JeffWeibell2Jeff Wiebell is the Managing Partner of NTACT GROUP and creator of VIVVID. A large global client recently deployed the VIVVID process to create their global security- identity, access and provisioning standard – evaluating 11 supplier teams. AMAG with SymmetryCONNECT™ was chosen. AMAG replaced three embedded well-known industry leading systems and is now the global system standard for this growing global client.



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