How SymmetryCONNECT™ Helps Organizations Reduce Cost, Mitigate Risk and Meet Compliance

By AMAG Technology, Vice President, Client Services and Quality, Jeff LeBlanc

Large organizations are continually seeking ways to manage data, reduce risks, control costs and ensure the safety and security of their people and assets while maintaining compliance standards. Outsider and insider threat has changed how we view security and we find ourselves at a crossroads where cyber security threats and physical security threats are equally important to the protection of the Company and Brand. There is too much data and not enough people, time or money to effectively mine the data for anomalies that could lead to risk of an organization’s people, assets and brand.

Well established organizations often have disparate or legacy security systems at each of their locations, creating inefficiencies in managing risk from the executive level. Standardizing on one security management system is expensive and the rollout of a new system will take a long time. How can companies consolidate their data and systems under one umbrella, and implement a single data and access management approach across its enterprise? The company should consider implementing AMAG Technology’s SymmetryCONNECT™, a web-hosted, policy based credential authentication and compliance security platform. When companies look at compelling reasons to do something, it boils down to four main business drivers: risk, cost, compliance and ROI.

Costs-Empowering Employees to Manage Access Rights
SymmetryCONNECT ties together different security systems, streamlines the administration of access rights and consolidates disparate data into one centralized location that is available to everyone with authorized access.

Utilizing the power of SymmetryCONNECT, large organizations can manage access rights using a distributed (partitioning of access rights) model by empowering administrators to make security decisions based on company policies. Administrators configure employee and vendor access rights, and are responsible for the auditing of these access rights on a routine basis directly in SymmetryCONNECT, whether it’s to a single door, a group of doors or across multiple sites. SymmetryCONNECT automatically knows which security system each user has access to, and grants access based on the data entered.

Companies reduce costs by empowering employees to manage access rights, reduce labor intensive, repetitive manual processes, and streamlining operations through an integrated flexible platform.

Compliance-Audits, Policy Rules and Reports
SymmetryCONNECT ensures compliance through proven automated levels of enforcement that include notifications and escalations. For example, an administrator must log in to SymmetryCONNECT at a pre-defined time and confirm their group’s cardholder access rights are still valid. This is done through SymmetryCONNECT electronic compliance audits, helping companies meet cyber and industry specific standards (for example, NERC CIP).

SymmetryCONNECT applies policy based rules, created by the customer, that govern access based on user attributes and access activity.

Large establishments with numerous locations have data located everywhere and in different formats. The data is stale, difficult to share and updates are hard to manage. An advanced ad-hoc reporting tool and detailed reports quickly summarize data and consolidates information to help management manage by exception and make better decisions about security.

Risk-Minimizing Business Disruptions
SymmetryCONNECT mitigates risk through automated rules based notifications, allowing only responsible subject matter experts to control the messaging to their organization’s leadership. SymmetryCONNECT provides a single, accurate version of the situation that allows the security team to make data driven decisions that minimize business disruptions.

For example, if a large trading firm in New York discovers it has a water main break outside of their main trading facility, what should its response be? SymmetryCONNECT presents the data to the security team quickly and accurately allowing for a quick impact analysis. After evaluating the SymmetryCONNECT data, a decision is made to proceed as normal or evacuate the building.  An overreaction, without SymmetryCONNECT data, could result in the loss of millions of dollars.

ROI – Reduction in man power and systems
When used in tandem with the Symmetry access control system or Casi Rusco Picture Perfect system, SymmetryCONNECT can bring all facilities’ security management systems together to seamlessly manage access rights and disparate databases. It offers a large potential savings in administration costs and provides a way to demonstrate compliance to all relevant regulatory agencies.

Visit AMAG Technology at ISC West, booth 8053 to learn more about SymmetryCONNECT. To schedule a demo, email me at


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