Maximizing the Benefit of Security Through Integration

By Salient Systems, Director of Product Strategy, Brian Carle

With the popularity of integrated video and access control systems on the rise, it pays to be educated on the best combined solution. New entrants to the market are increasing awareness of the benefits of video and access integration. Today, integration between complimentary systems can be the winning differentiator, helping the customer’s security program succeed.

When it comes to integrated video and access, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Security system consumers realize the benefits of combining video and access control data, which help reveal the security situation better than either system can provide independently. For example, AMAG Technology’s Symmetry access control software can provide a log of who presented a credential, and Salient’s CompleteView can show the video, but when video is combined with access data it becomes simple to verify if the person authorized to use the access control credential was actually the individual who presented it.

CompleteView, Salient Systems’ hybrid Video Management Software, is fully integrated with AMAG’s Symmetry Security Management platform. Integrated features include access to CompleteView’s live and recorded video in the Symmetry interface, mechanical and digital PTZ camera control, pop-up of video on events, automatic recording of access control events and association of video to access events in a single interface.

CompleteView provides unique and differentiated feature sets that help enterprise security consumers scale better than with alternative platforms. A great example is CompleteView’s Dynamic Resolution Scaling capability which is integrated directly into the Symmetry interface. Dynamic Resolution Scaling automatically resizes video resolution to the target display area. In the event the original video from the camera is higher resolution than the area it is displayed in, CompleteView will reduce the resolution of the video before transmitting it over the network. The resolution of recorded video is not affected so the user can always call up the full quality video evidence. The net effect is no unnecessary data is transmitted, meaning the user experiences faster call up of video and higher frame rates even over low bandwidth connections to remote sites.

CompleteView is also integrated with the Symmetry HD camera line and features support for in-camera motion detection, I/O events and PTZ camera control. This allows for a complete solution, from cameras to access control to video management, which can be provided from AMAG and Salient.

For more information on Salient CompleteView and AMAG Symmetry Access Control integration visit


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