Fault Tolerance Provides Peace of Mind

By NEC, Enterprise Technology Unit / IT Group, Sr. Sales Engineer Burton Crosby

Access control systems protect a company’s most valuable assets which include its physical location, intellectual property, and its people. Any access control system is only as effective as the computer system that it resides on. Computer hardware is truly the nerve center, or backbone, of the new-generation access control system. Each component works as part of a unified sub-network to verify credential data, record events, and trigger notifications. Because the safety and security of people and property are on the line, the continuous and consistent operation of this environment is crucial.

To ensure consistent operations, companies need to invest in an access control solution with fault tolerance built into the server platform to provide superior protection. Fault tolerant server systems offer continuous availability for mission critical applications. NEC’s FT Server system provides 99.999% availability right out of the box using specially designed fault tolerant hardware that is designed with built-in redundancy enabling systems to withstand component and hardware failure with no loss of application availability.

Companies can feel confident their access control system and the data surrounding that system are backed-up in the event of a system failure or disaster. With a FT system, there is zero data loss or corruption, and no downtime and loss of connectivity from a hardware failure.

Springfield-Branson National Airport connected its Symmetry access control system to an NEC Express5800 Fault Tolerant server to address planned and unplanned system downtime. In the event of a failover with any server component, the NEC Fault Tolerant (FT) server automatically switches over to the redundant server and reports the failure through Symmetry to the police, for component replacement. If any component within the system fails, airport security can change the board or component out and it starts working immediately. The FT server will not allow Symmetry to lose control. The hot swappable capability is invaluable as the IT staff can handle a server failure and Symmetry will still continue to operate. No one will know the difference.

To learn more about NEC’s Fault Tolerant and ExpressCluster solution, email Burton Crosby at burton.crosby@necam.com.



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