NEW Online Portal Creates Easy Access to Professional Services

By AMAG Technology, Professional Services Project Manager, Dan Rullo

One of the biggest areas of confusion that we see with customers engaging the Professional Services department for a project is that they often don’t know how to begin the process. Over the course of many years, we have implemented a variety of evolving processes for requesting Professional Services involvement on a project.  We had also created a Custom Solutions team, which develops custom applications/scripts for projects such as third-party product integrations, data migrations, reports, etc. which added to the confusion.

The good news is, we have simplified the process and re-integrated Custom Solutions into Professional Services to simplify engagement and project management!

Integrators now have a single point of entry into the Professional Services / Custom Solutions project engagement process. We have created a Professional Services Request For Quote Portal on our website. You can access this portal very easily by visiting and choosing the “Professional Services” option from the “Services” menu, as shown below.


Once on the Professional Services page, you will see a link towards the bottom of the page that takes you to the Request For Quote Portal (Quote Tool). The Quote Tool requires that you create a simple login that associates your projects to your account.


From the Quote Tool, you can submit new requests and check the status of requests that you’ve previously submitted. It is very important that you provide as much detail as possible about the project and the target environment (server details, SQL version, Symmetry version/type, etc.). Providing this information early in the process ensures expedient delivery of a proposal/quote for your project.

Once a request is submitted, a Professional Services representative will process it and begin the procedure of developing a proposal, which may include follow-up discussions to solidify necessary details and further define the specification. Quite often, we receive requests with specifications that are not fully defined. Whenever possible, it is strongly recommended to develop a full understanding of what the customer needs prior to submitting the request. In the case of a Custom Solutions application, this means that the desired application should be well-defined so that we have an understanding of exactly what it needs to do and when, what data it needs to exchange with other systems, what the interface needs to present to the user, and any logging options that are required.

To summarize, the general procedure of how to engage Professional Services is as follows:

Phase 1: Pre-Engagement

  1. Integrator/Customer develop business need, outline what the expected end result needs to be and write a detailed specification based on this
  2. Integrator/Customer gather all pertinent information about the target environment
  3. Integrator/Customer create/gather any pertinent supporting documents (environmental diagrams, API definitions for third-party products, etc.)

Phase 2: Professional Services Engagement

  1. Integrator submits request for quote on AMAG website
  2. AMAG Professional Services processes the request and generates a proposal/quote (This may require additional phone calls/email discussions if request specification is not fully defined.  Quotes/pricing is represented in MSRP, not final integrator cost.)
  3. Proposal will be sent from Professional Services to the appropriate Regional Sales Manager, who will subsequently submit the proposal to the integrator
  4. Integrator/Customer review proposal and submit comments/questions/concerns to Professional Services, which may result in proposal revisions and a repeat of this step
  5. Integrator submits purchase order to Professional Services

Phase 3: Project Fulfillment

  1. Professional Services schedules project development/deployment  (This may involve testing sub-phase(s).  The length of development/deployment will vary based on project complexity.)

If you have any questions about the Professional Services Quote Tool or our new process, please contact either Dan Rullo or Cyrus Nelson at or call 1-310-518-2380 ext 175.


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