Security – A Three Legged Stool

By STENTOFON/Zenitel USA, Inc., Senior VP OEM Global Sales, Dan Rothrock

As the sophistication and advancement of security audio technology continues to change, we too are seeing more options when it comes to audio choices that best suit security needs. With numerous options and products that offer more features and functions than ever before, it pays to do your homework on why audio is so critical to your overall security plan. STENTOFON has been providing superior audio communications for over 70 years, and leads the industry globally in providing the most advanced security audio products on the market today.

I often use a three-legged- stool reference to explain the importance of audio in the overall security mix. One leg is for video, another for access control and the third – voice audio. When you add the audio leg to the two other legs, you now have a fully interactive security system. You can talk and listen to the person you see on your video system no matter where the location or how remote. Any area that an integrator has installed an access control point or deployed an IP camera, is when you should ask the question: Is this where we need to add audio?

When we think of intercom, we tend to think of the horrible distortion of many fast food drive-thrus. Turbine, STENTOFON’s latest advancement in intercom, has truly revolutionized the way we look at and hear intercom.  With stations capable of 10 watts of audio power over standard POE and 105 decibels, you have audio quality that is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.  The audio quality insures that messages are understood even with severe background noise. Active noise cancellation is just ONE of the many features that set us apart from the others. STENTOFON is known not only for its superior audio quality, but also for the many features, functionality, robustness and sleek design of its stations; promising you an ascetically pleasing intercom to fit any environment.

Okay, so you say seeing is believing? How about hearing is believing. Just listen to the audio quality from one of our Turbine stations. You can clearly hear why we’re changing the way people look at intercom.

For more information on our full line of security products, see our web site at  and please check out our Extreme Audio YouTube video by typing in “STENTOFON Turbine” or click here.



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