Integrating a Disparate World

By EBS Program Manager, Shae Taylor


AMAG works to provide exceptional customer service to our customers every day. With so many technologies available to customers, it’s important to work with third party companies to meet the changing demands of customers and provide a cohesive and supportable multi-technology environment. AMAG’s Extended Business Solution Program does just that.  It offers a clear integration path, certified by AMAG, to offer customers the integrated solutions they want.  I am proud to say that 2013 was a successful year. Twenty-two new partners signed up for the EBS program, and 14 certified integrations were added to our list of integration offerings.  A few partners are highlighted below.  For a complete listing, visit the EBS webpage.

Salient – Symmetry integrates with Salient’s CompleteView v4.0 product to provide live and recorded video in the Symmetry video matrix, the ability to associate video to access control events, and receive motion alarms from the Salient NVR.

Entertech – Integrating Entertech’s BioConnect v2.0, Symmetry customers can utilize Entertech’s Suprema biometric readers for enhanced access control solutions.

PPM 2000 – Symmetry’s integration with PPM2000’s Perspective v3.3 allows Symmetry users to take advantage of Perspective’s powerful user account control and incident reporting capabilities to bring a complete workflow and situational awareness to our mutual customers.

Future Fiber Technologies – With FFT CAM v3 and Symmetry integrated, customers can take advantage of the robust perimeter detection offered by FFT and maintain a cohesive user experience by receiving those alarms through the Symmetry Alarms screen.

We are continually adding more integrations to our Extended Business Solutions program in an effort to provide our customers with choices that meet their unique needs. 

For more information please contact Shae Taylor, Extended Business Solutions Manager

Or visit our website for more information on the program and a full list of our integration partners.


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