Enhance your Learning with AMAG Training Videos

By AMAG Technology, Education and Training Manager, Don Boling

Video was first introduced in 1878 by Eadweard James Muybridge who took a series of photos of a horse running in a race. When these photos were set to motion, this was considered to be the earliest forms of video. Since then the human race has been fascinated with the ability to record and playback pictures in motion to recall memories or events, convey a message or to simply entertain.

Video has evolved from silent movies and Technicolor to High Definition and now streaming and downloading video on the Internet.  Using video on the Internet has become a commonplace with eLearning as well. Video adds a dynamic element to training; it helps us visualize the concept that is being taught or presented. There are several benefits of using videos that are almost impossible to get anywhere else.

  • It improves knowledge transfer and appeal. Adding video to enhance training is a significant aid to both the visual and aural learners who might not have the same understanding by just reading the material.
  • It enhances understanding. There are times when you need a visual aid to explain a point, and video is a perfect solution. You can simultaneously show your audience what you mean as you explain the concept.
  • It reduces training time.  It’s easier and takes less time to watch a video than it does to read through pages of text to grasp a concept.
  • It demonstrates how products work.  Video brings the product to life for learners. A video showing the proper way to install or configure software is better than a series of steps in an instruction manual, even if that manual includes photos and graphics.

The Training Department has created and will continue to develop series of short instructional “how to” videos designed to enhance and supplement your learning experience with the Symmetry Product. We have developed a series of videos that include:

  • Hardware components of the recently release SR-Series Controller
  • Basic operator training for Symmetry 7.0.1
  • Additional Symmetry product training for our Certified Technicians

The AMAG training department is continually striving to improve our training offering and asks for both your feedback in regards to our current training videos and suggestions for new ones.   You can check out several of our video offerings here:  amagtraining.webex.com .

Please feel free to contact the AMAG Training department at training@amag.com, don.boling@amag.com or Odochi.eze@amag.com for further information regarding our Training “how to” videos.


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