WOW, you can place your orders with AMAG on-line 24/7

AMAG is now offering a site known as Web Order Watch. This is an on-line service to provide convenience at your fingertips.

WOW will give you the ability to place your AMAG orders at any time, day or night! Once you generate your order, the AMAG Customer Service Team will review your new order and send it to our shipping department for processing. You will know when your order has been processed when you receive a personal email with your order confirmation attached. With the new WOW website, you will also have the ability to track your own orders.

The site provides real time display so when AMAG ships or updates your order, you will be able to see the current status immediately. But that’s not all… the WOW site has the ability to obtain tracking info, freight charges, invoices, and the ability to view your historical orders.

How to get started today?

If you are interested in WOW and would like to have access to this special site, complete the request form today.  The form is located on our partner site at

We will contact you with further instructions. You’ll be saying “WOW” in no time!

AMAG’s WOW site features:

  • Place your own AMAG orders at any time, day or night
  • Track your orders and view current status
  • View tracking numbers
  • View freight charges
  • View invoices
  • View your historical orders

Your WOW informant,

Claudia Gualotuña

AMAG’s Customer Service Supervisor and WOW Coordinator


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