It constantly amazes me how, in many of today’s corporate environments, visitors are still asked to enter their information in a paper log book when checking in at the front desk. While this method is perceived as convenient and “good enough”, the reality is it provides little security. Surely, we can all admit to, at one time or another, having scanned up and down the sign-in sheet to see if there are any recognizable names or companies on the list. I, for one (head hanging in shame), am guilty as charged.

Managing the access of authorized personnel into a facility is a major concern of today’s security managers. The primary challenge for many organizations is to secure their facility from unwanted personnel while also allowing a free flow of people who have a legitimate purpose in engaging with the organization. Complicating the issue is that guests, contractors, vendors and business partners require and expect certain levels of access to people within a business. Organizations employing enhanced visitor security are those that establish guidelines and controls which first provide authorization for entry and then authentication of the identity of the guests.

To address these challenges, HID Global’s EasyLobby® Secure Visitor Management (SVM) solution allows businesses to automate the entire process of registering a visitor, printing a badge and capturing detailed information in seconds – simply by scanning an ID (such as a driver’s license, business card or passport). The EasyLobby solution provides a flexible, customizable and feature-rich way to meet the needs of small and enterprise organizations with diverse visitor management processes and policy requirements.

The SVM software is used for processing visitors via any number of Windows® workstations that share a central SQL Server or Oracle database, while the EasyLobby Administrator software is an enterprise-class, central administration solution that provides database administration and real-time monitoring and reporting functions. A single copy of Administrator is provided with each copy of SVM purchased.

The EasyLobby Satellite™ software is an ideal solution for controlling and monitoring visitor entry and exit at multiple internal locations, or “check points.” With this software, the barcoded badge printed by SVM is scanned, then the Satellite station (or handheld wireless PDA) displays the visitor record with an “Entry Approved”, or “Entry Denied” message and time stamps their entry and exit.

For integration to the access control system, EasyLobby has created Access Control Integration software which allows the granting of card access privileges via proximity, barcode, or magstripe to any visitors or contractors directly from the SVM interface. In fact, EasyLobby’s SVM is tightly integrated with AMAG’s Symmetry software.

With EasyLobby’s eKiosk, even unstaffed lobbies have a fast and easy way for visitors to register themselves using a tablet computer upon their arrival. Organizations can configure the visitor form on an eKiosk device to include any field they choose. They can also display a PDF or HTML file for visitors to review and acknowledge, or to agree to certain terms, such non-disclosure agreements, etc. eKiosk also has the ability to screen visitors against pre-registered visitor lists and/or internal watch lists to keep unauthorized or unwanted people out of the facility.

When eKiosk is used in conjunction with EasyLobby eAdvance™ web pre-registration software, a host employee can pre-register their guest in eAdvance from their own computer. eAdvance runs on Windows®, an Apple® iPad® or an Android® tablet computer. Once registered, eKiosk enables a visitor badge to be printed upon a valid check-in.

With all of these features and options, it’s easy to see how EasyLobby enhances the professionalism of an organization by streamlining the visitor check-in process and providing high quality badges for all visitors, thereby improving the security at their facility in a simple and inexpensive way.

HID Global is a proud sponsor of AMAG’s 12th annual Security Engineering Symposium.  SES guests will see how EasyLobby and Symmetry integrate to provide a streamlined visitor management system for their customers.

For more information on HID Global’s EasyLobby products and services, please check out HID’s website at:


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