How an open platform capitalizes on the power of choice

Plan for present needs and those that may come in future

Milestone is not simply a video management system (VMS) – the XProtect® product family is an open platform that empowers Milestone partners with the necessary Software Development Kit (SDK) building blocks to craft unique and comprehensive solutions that meet varying, specific and ongoing end user objectives. These solutions are not only integration to access control security systems and analytics like people counting and loitering detection. But also integration to point-of-sales systems, or analytics that measure the traffic in a particular area of a store, or track RFID tags in a warehouse. With SDK and integration tools the possibilities are endless.

Freedom comes from the option to innovate

It’s all about the power of choice. The more choices you have, the better your installation can be right now – and in the future. The services provided by today’s smartphones are far different from phones used to be 25 years ago. Today’s mobile phone provides texting, cameras, video recording, video communications, games and web access to name a few.

Just as with the mobile phone, we are seeing the security industry take existing surveillance technology and innovate solutions that extend beyond just video surveillance.  The Milestone open business framework allows our customers to choose from best-in-class technologies to address end user goals in a flexible and scalable manner, instead of being limited by what one vendor alone can deliver. Installing Milestone today allows you and your customers to be ready to adopt the innovations of tomorrow.

Today Milestone supports more than 1900 security cameras from over 100 manufacturers. The XProtect VMS system has 150+ third-party applications developed by Milestone partners that add new functionality to the existing core VMS functionality. Milestone’s open API and structured partner programs make up the framework that enables integrations with technologies such as access control, video analytics, IP intercoms, GIS, laser scanners, RFID, Point-of-Sale, biometrics, etc. The options are open to you!

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Milestone Systems, Inc. is a proud sponsor of AMAG Technology’s 12th Annual Security Engineering Symposium to be held March 1-4, 2013 at The Loews Coronado Resort in San Diego.


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