Integration has been a catch phrase in the security industry for years. But what does integration mean? Is a system “integrated” if a wire is run from an output to an input? Is integration only technology? The American Heritage dictionary defines the word integrate as:


  1. To make into a whole by bringing all parts together; unify.
  2.  a.  To join with something else; unite.   b. To make part of a larger unit

So is the physical wired connection of an output to an input an integration? By definition 2-a, yes. However a true integration should be based off of the first definition:

To make into a whole by bringing ALL parts together; UNIFY.

Is an integration simply technology? Again, by definition this could be true but is that really bringing ALL parts together? Could some of those parts be defined as relationship or communication?

The Symmetry Extended Business Solutions Program has been created to maximize customer value by leveraging the powerful toolkits available within the Symmetry Security Management Solution to support seamless integrations to leading Security Solution Providers.

In addition to the integration toolkits, Certified Partners will benefit from AMAG’s premier marketing resources in the form of joint press releases, website visibility and through AMAG’s social media presence via LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook .

We understand that unique customer needs require an open approach to industry partnerships and seamless integrations.  The Symmetry Extended Business Solutions Program provides customers choice, with an assurance of quality and vendor cooperation.

The Symmetry Toolkits which provide open integrations are:

  • Video SDK – Allows for the integration of 3rd party Digital Video Recorders, Network Video Recorders, Cameras, and Analytics.
  • XML API – Allows integration to Symmetry for Card Management, Alarm Management, Device Statuses / Control and Importing Alarms from other systems
  • Data Connect – Allows for the importing and exporting of card holder information and the importing of alarms into Symmetry using SQL.

Depending on the application, one or more of the toolkits may be utilized for each application.  As a whole, they provide full interoperability between the Symmetry platform and most Video, Access, Intrusion, Visitor Management, or Asset Management systems.  The extent of the integration capabilities is determined through collective planning and review between EBS Symmetry experts, and 3rd Party Technical Representatives.

So, back to the definition of integrate. Is integration technology? Yes, but for true integration and successful implementation we need to take advantage of the TRUE definition of integrate: To make into a whole by bringing ALL parts together, technology, relationship, implementation, and support.

You can find out more information concerning the Symmetry Extended Business Solutions Program on our website or you may contact me directly at


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