Universal Protection Security Systems, Inc.’s Senior Vice President, Louis Boulgarides, understands the complexities of designing, installing, operating and managing security systems.  Making the process simple for its customers is what makes Universal Protection Security Systems one of the fastest growing security integrators in the country. They’ve built their reputation on innovation and reliable service, and are experts in their field.

Destination Dispatch is used for multi-elevator applications and groups passengers according to their destinations.  Passengers use a security card, keypad or touch screen to notify the elevator system which floor they need to travel too.  Passengers wishing to travel to a specific floor all enter the same elevator.  This technology reduces wait and travel times, and is energy efficient.

AMAG Technology’s Symmetry SMS integrates with four of the six major elevator companies.  Universal Protection has worked with several property management companies in Southern California who have implemented the integration.  Louis Boulgarides discusses what he’s seen in this growing market.

1.     What trends have you seen in the industry with regards to destination dispatch and security management systems? 

We are finding that with almost every elevator modification that is occurring in our area, Destination Dispatch is being considered.  This poses several challenges since traditional relay based elevator panels will not work in a Destination Dispatch environment.  We currently have six buildings that we are going through elevator modifications with, and all of them are converting their elevator systems to Destination Dispatch.

2.     What is Universal Protection’s experience with destination dispatch? 

Universal Protection Security began its first Destination Dispatch Project in January of 2011.  At the time, no Destination Dispatch integration existed between AMAG and ThyssenKrupp elevators.   In order to get the project done, AMAG had to partner with ThyssenKrupp to develop the interface and test prior to implementation.   Universal Protection Security Systems now has five more Destination Dispatch projects currently in process.  All of these projects will be completed over the next year.  Since we were in at the ground floor of the development of the AMAG / ThyssenKrupp Destination Dispatch implementation, our Programmers and Project Managers have a deep understanding of Destination Dispatch and the AMAG integration.

3.     How do you see the technology or trend evolving over time?   

Destination Dispatch is the direction that most buildings are going.  Integrators that are going to be successful in this environment must have the programming and project management expertise to communicate both with the elevator companies and AMAG during implementation.  Since the commands are not server based rather than panel based, additional consideration will have to be paid to redundancy and up time at the server level.  The bottom line is that if communication is lost between the AMAG server and the elevator company’s Destination Dispatch system, the system will not work.  This takes up time, which is a huge concern for our customers.

4.     What does AMAG offer end users that competitors don’t?

I think that the one thing that AMAG offers that its competitors don’t is flexibility.  When we went to AMAG in 2011 regarding our first Destination Dispatch integration, the integration with AMAG and ThyssenKrupp did not exist.  AMAG saw the opportunity, and put the resources into place to develop the interface that would allow for the seamless integration of AMAG and the ThyssenKrupp Destination Dispatch.  This partnership is extremely valuable to us, and will be critical to our success as we work on additional Destination Dispatch projects with other elevator companies’ Destination Dispatch systems.

For more information, you may contact Louis at lboulgarides@universalpro.com.


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