AMAG Technology has been working in support of the federal government for nearly 20 years and has remained at the forefront of the industry on compliance with relevant standards, guidance and directives including HSPD-12/FIPS-201 and ICD-705, and in support of smart card programs such as PIV, CAC, TWIC and FRAC. Those capabilities, along with our vast knowledge and experience in the government market, will help you ensure that your government end users and the systems that you design, integrate, install and maintain for them, are always in compliance.

That support can be accessed via our dedicated Government Systems Group, which is based in our Arlington, VA Technology Center. It opened in 2010 and is also home to our East Coast training facility and staff. A brief FAQ on when and where to engage the Government Systems Group at AMAG and some of our more relevant government market products is below. Please also feel free to contact us directly, as below, or at our Government page for additional information.

When do I work with the Government Systems Group versus my RSM?

Never! We work as a team at AMAG. You should always contact the Government Systems Group for assistance when your government market end user or project requires compliance with any or even all of the government standards, guidance or directives listed above.

Do you have access products that are built for compliance in the government market?

Yes. AMAG’s Symmetry Homeland Security Edition or HSE software is an enhanced version of AMAG’s standard SMS software that is designed for government agencies that are required to be PIV and FIPS 201 compliant. Symmetry HSE can be configured to electronically capture PIV, CAC and/or TWIC card data at enrollment and automatically deactivate a card should it be revoked or expire, or the individual that it is issued to ends up on an accessible watch list. Symmetry HSE is FIPS 140-2 and FIPS 197 certified/validated for cryptographic modules/algorithms, and can be implemented for compliance with relevant standards including SP800-73, SP800-116, among others.

Has Symmetry HSE been successfully Certified & Accredited (C&A) by government?

Yes, multiple times using both the NIST and DIACAP methodologies. Symmetry HSE has received full Authority to Operate (ATO) from the US Marine Corps and Army, to include a Certificate of Networthiness (CoN) from the US Army, on more than 40 systems.  Symmetry HSE has also undergone C&A by the NIST and EPA, and has received ATO in each case.

Do you offer a compliant intrusion detection system (IDS) capability?

Symmetry HSE includes a fully-unified and tightly integrated UL Listed and ICD-705 compliant IDS capability, which is unique in the access control industry. Authorized users can arm/disarm an area with a card, card+PIN or IDS PIN only.

Does Symmetry HSE offer/integrate video management? What about video analytics?

Yes.  Symmetry HSE includes a unified video management video management, recording and storage capability. We also integrate with many of the leading VMS platforms in the market today.

NEW Symmetry Visualizer Encoders also offer an effective and efficient means of monitoring and managing new or existing analog cameras. H.264 video compression minimizes network bandwidth and storage requirements, while standard Intelligent Motion Detection and optional Video Content Analytics extend options for entry, exit, appear, disappear, dwell, direction, abandoned, removed objects and counting linked to a particular detection rule.

Does AMAG offer legacy system migration support?

Yes. AMAG has an MDI system Retrofit Program in place to assist current MDI users with migration away from what may be a costly, unsupportable and/or less than compliant legacy PACS. The program is delivered through AMAG Professional Services in conjunction with an authorized AMAG dealer/VAR. Symmetry accommodates all legacy MDI PACS wiring schemes, end of line (EOL) resistor values and door loop functionality resulting in the maximum re-use of the existing infrastructure and installation efficiencies of 40 percent or better.

Who makes up the Government Systems Group and how do I contact them?

Mike Mostow is Vice President of the Government Systems Group.

Phone: 310.518.2380, ext. 129  ·  Email:

Ryan Kaltenbaugh is Director of Business Development for Government Systems Group.

Phone: 310.518.2380, ext. 518  ·  Email:

Twitter: @amag_tech_govt

Walter Coady is our Pre-Sales Technical/Compliance Resource and Mid-Atlantic RSM.

Phone: 310.518.2380, ext. 183  ·  Email:


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