I am excited to share with you that AMAG recently revamped its product management department to better serve our customers, partners and end users going forward.  While we’ve always worked hard to provide the best products in the industry, our approach to accomplishing that has changed.  This restructure is based on a team approach to products that is responsive to customer needs. Our Product Management team applies strategic and forward thinking in its approach to AMAG’s product offering.   As a technology based company, AMAG must always be looking ahead and developing products that will be in demand in one to five years. We must anticipate future, in-demand products and deliver!

We are implementing a more structured process, yet working to remain agile so we do things more effectively and efficiently.  One of our challenges is striking a balance between what is urgent and what is important.  Our team works hard every day to fulfill immediate customer demands, yet work on what must be done to provide the customer with the right product mix for the future.  We strive to understand our customer’s requirements, and always consider the direction of our industry and rapidly changing technology.  This is no easy task.

I welcome the challenge of working with our engineering department and customers to develop technology driven, applicable products.  Please give me or the relevant product manager a call if you have suggestions or feedback.  We are always striving to provide Exceptional Customer Service and your input could help shape future decisions.

Product Management Team

Jerry Cordasco, VP Global Symmetry Product Management, 781-457-0748

Steve Amos, Product Manager, +44 (0) 1684 277007

Symmetry Visualizer Encoders

David Weinbach, Product Management, 310-518-2380, ext. 528

Symmetry Software and Hardware

Javelin Reader Family

Symmetry Video


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