Engaging AMAG Professional Services (PS) may seem like a daunting task.  Do I need it? What questions will they ask? When will they do the work?  What if they refuse?  I am hoping to answer many of your questions and more.

When to engage AMAG Professional Services

Engage AMAG Professional Services as soon as the need for customizations to the base Symmetry product, the need for a data import, interface or deployment services are recognized.  The first contact with Professional Services should be a completed Request For Quote, with the end user information, dealer information and a brief description of the issue.  PS can assign a ticket number to the project, and start tracking it.

What to expect when developing a scope of work:

  • Scheduling the Project
  • Dealer Expectations
  • Performing the Project
  • Final Delivery
  • Post Project Support

PS works with all interested parties to develop a scope of work. This often means interacting with the dealer, the end user’s security and IT departments and 3rd party manufacturers or engineering firms, depending on the scope of the project.  This phase may include follow up conference calls or email questions with the goal to agree to a detailed scope of work for PS to complete.

After the scope of work has been approved by all parties, the next step is for the dealer to send AMAG a purchase order.  Once the purchase order has been accepted, the project may be scheduled.  PS schedules projects on a first come-first serve basis, and often is fully scheduled 2-3 weeks in advance.  Busy seasons (summer and 4thquarter) may fully schedule 6-8 weeks in advance.

PS prides itself on providing Exceptional Customer Service, but there are some things that are out of our control, including providing tools at work sites, providing software and verifying hardware configurations.  The dealer must make sure that any required software is onsite.  PS Engineers can’t carry all software versions, patches, etc. with them to every site. Also, there are recommended and required hardware configurations for servers that must be followed.  The dealer must ensure the servers provided meet these requirements.

Once scheduled, the project will be assigned to an individual PS Engineer, or for larger projects, a team of PS Engineers.  These individuals will become the main point(s) of contact for the project.  Onsite projects require a testing phase.  During the testing phase, a detailed project plan including timeframes and production downtime is created.

Once testing is completed, the onsite or remote deployment may begin, and it will follow the project plan.  An AMAG Certified single point of contact must accompany the PS Engineer onsite.

A full project report will be available for viewing approximately two business days after the completion of the project, and may be sent on request.  For custom scripting projects that do not require a deployment, installation instructions will be delivered with the software.

Post project support is included and varies on the type of project.  See the scope of work for details, but in general, scripting projects include support for minor version upgrades.  For onsite projects, support is included for the work performed.  The first level of support for all projects is Technical Support, which is covered under the site’s SSA.

If your project needs PS support, please contact proservices@amag.com to get started!

All the best,

Cyrus Nelson

Manager of Professional Services


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